Virginia G. Pierce-Kelly

About me

My fitness journey began at an early age when my friends and I use to challenge each other to a foot race.  We wanted to know who was the fastest runner on the street or in the yard.  When visiting my grandmother's home, my relatives, boys and girls, would challenge us to a foot race - from the back side of the house to the tree and back again.  In elementary school, as children we would enjoy the time of recess that allowed us to run and play at our hearts desire.  We walked and ran around on a large piece of land, property that was fenced so we would not run out into the nearby road.  In middle school, I was approached by a basketball coach (due to my height), and asked would I be interested in playing basketball?  I spoke with my Dad, Mom, and family and through the family discussion, I began my basketball playing days.  I also enjoyed playing tennis, softball, badminton, and flag footgall. After high school, I attended a community college and learned from my English teacher (a great runner who I saw running on a track at the school) who told me about running techniques.  I ask him about what is running, running on a track, and training.  As I now grow beyond my years, I am thankful for neighborhood friends of the foot race challenges, the basketball coach, and my runner English teacher, who all these various people, in a small way, encourage me to keep doing fitness. Now, as I am in my adult years and beyond, I walk more than running, strength training, and I still think fitness at any age is important in obtaining quality of human health and wellness.  

I am a certified personal trainer, a certified trainer for older adult fitness, and a certification in nutritional coaching and counseling (AAAI-ISMA).  I think holistic and wellness comes from safe and fun exercises, eating clean with foods and liquids that causes nutritional balance, meditation, prayers for emotional and spiritual wellness. Our motto is Wellness of Body, Mind, Soul, Spirit, and Finances! 

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